Caroline Starts Over is the first in a two book (Caroline) series.

The second: The Truth About Caroline (Friesen Press 2015)


After eighteen years of feigning contentment in an unfulfilling marriage, forty-eight year old Caroline Matthews is finally liberated when her husband dies suddenly. Caroline is determined to reclaim her life and attempts to turn back the clock to a time when she was carefree. She's two decades older, socially out of practice and has teenage twin daughters who know nothing about her past.

​Caroline orchestrates a reunion with a former lesbian lover, Rachel, whom she had a devastating break-up with before marrying her late husband. Both curious, slightly shop-worn and lonely, the women foolishly rekindle their relationship. Old habits and buried feelings resurface as they attempt to navigate thru this misguided romance.

Friesen Press 2014

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Caroline Starts Over