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Best New Book 2016 The Lobby

The Lobby (2016)


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2017 new book Brenda Cankles

The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles

The time for BIG & Fabulous, The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles is now! The emphasis is on positive body image, Big & Fabulous is a truly entertaining story that’s strongly written, funny, insightful and bitingly smart. Inside it’s covers, readers will find no shortage of acidly hilarious accounts of the highs and lows of living life inside a big and fabulous body.

Imperfect, impervious and improving, Brenda Cankles is an unlikely heroine. Unfazed by the enduring censure of society, she is determined to realize the fabulous life that she has always believed is her destiny.

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Randi M. Sherman

Honored with 17 Awards for Humor and General Fiction

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A hilarious look at the lives passing through an upscale San Francisco Hotel

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