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Randi M. Sherman
Author of Contemporary & Humorous Fiction

Welcome. Laugh with author, Randi M. Sherman. Read about her latest novel, Caroline Starts Over (2014) and her other works including Paula Takes A Risk (2012). 

Latest Buzz:
Feature Article in Focus On Women Magazine “Author Talk with Randi M. Sherman” MAR/APR, and upcoming MAY/JUN editions.
See Pages 16-17
Caroline Starts Over is also included in Publishers Weekly listing April 24, 2014.

Under consideration for
IPPY and LAMBDA Awards

Pithy Quotes:

At a party, you can be the smartest and most well traveled person in the room, but if you don't have an imagination, a sense of humor or enormous boobs, you're a dud and won't be invited again.
                                                                        -Randi M. Sherman

If you're happy and you know it, that should be enough. Why be annoying too?
                                                                     -Randi M. Sherman

There is not an "i" in "team," but there is one in "fired."
                                                                    -Randi M. Sherman

Stuffed olives and cocktail onions are the salad coarse.
                                                                          -Randi M. Sherman

Go. Have a good time. I want you to. Just because no one loves me enough to sit with me doesn't mean you shouldn't go with your friends. 
                             - Randi's mother

Is it spinning in here or is it just me?
                                                                      -Randi M. Sherman

Easy-to-care hair, sensible shoes, bowling, camping, flannel and pot lucks: All things you should avoid if you never want to be asked if you are a lesbian.
                                                                            -Randi M. Sherman

When I eat chocolate, I break out in thighs.
                                                                               - Randi M Sherman

When an old friend told me that I looked exactly the same as I did in high school, it all started to make sense. Oh my God, I looked like I was 50 when I was in high school.
                                                                       - Randi M Sherman

As men age, they become more distinguished. As women age, they become more old.
                                                                           - Randi M Sherman

Read Randi's newest novel 
Caroline Starts Over

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